01 April, 2011

First of the Month

Let's see how this goes. Maybe I will be a little less busy so I can relax and craft?

Speaking of crafts, I have been waitlisted for the Flint Handmade Spring Craft Fair. Sigh, I guess that's what I get for waiting at the last minute for applying, but I can't help if I'm so busy all the time. Le sigh. I want to get in. It'll be my first fair of the year.

Cross your fingers for me!

xo Jenni

1 comment:

  1. Agh. I want to try a craft fair, but I don't know how things would sell and I don't want to get my own booth, but have no real life friends who craft! Bleghhhh.

    But goodluck. I hope it works out for you :D