02 July, 2010

Etsy Outfit part deux

I was going through my favourites on etsy and I thought to myself "Hey, I could make another outfit." And so I will show you an outfit I would wear if I were to purchase all of these faves.

Pink Kitten Cardigan by Detroit Dollface

Roxy Organic Cotton Sailor Striped Tee by Floremark Shop

Country Girl Vintage 70s Denim Bellbottom Overalls from Tialey Vintage

Handmade Vegan Mary Janes in Navy by The Generation

Vintage 1950s Red Tortoise Eyeglasses Frame from Vintage 50s Eyewear

Now why would I want to wear this in the summer? Yeah, it gets hot and why would I want to wear layers and long things? Well, this past week the temperature has been in the 70s, which has been needed for my bike rides. This whole week it would be okay to wear some long things and not get stared at. Plus, that cardigan with the kitten on it... Who doesn't want to wear a cardigan with a kitten on it? Crazy people, that's who!

If you're curious about the first etsy outfit, you can see it here. Anybody want to be a dear and purchase everything I listed for me? :]

<3 Jenni

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